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Midweek Character - Bela Talbot

So here is another of the characters from my Supernatural game.
I think that Bela will be great to play especially if the player manages to stitch up both Dean and Sam!
I just hope that the game does go well.
I have just finished the first part of the Hunters Journal as well so I'll post pictures up of that. I have not got all what I wanted in it as yet but it does look good. Should be a nice prop.


Bela Talbot's Story

"I don’t get out of bed for three grand."

"Let me tell you a little something about me. I don't respond well to threats. But you make me an offer, and I think you'll fine me highly cooperative."

Bela Talbot knows about the supernatural world and is acutely aware of what goes on though she’s not a hunter. Bela has a murky past and makes a profit by selling stolen occult artefacts to clients who are the highest bidder. Bela is consummate professional and a crack-shot with a pistol. Bela has impressive skills in bargaining and exploitation; she will lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and if pushed will severely hurt others to achieve her goals.

Bela uses an Ouija board to contact spirits to divine information on the whereabouts of persons and objects of desire.

Whenever possible, Bela will hire auxiliaries to do her dirty work.

107 words



Thief of Occult Artefacts

Murky Past



Always Looking Over Her Shoulder

Hates To Be Pushed

Her Murky Past Will Catch Up



Always Achieves her Goals

Consummate Professional


Strong Will



Contact Spirits

Distrusts Sam

Flirts With Dean

Intrigued by Ruby

Knows Dodgy Auxiliaries

Underworld Contacts

Wary of Bobby



Acute Awareness

Avoid Dirty Work


Cheat Others


Divine Information

Exploit Weakness

Find Whereabouts

Hire Auxiliaries

Knows Supernatural World

Lie Well

Make Profit


Not a Hunter

Sell to Highest Bidder

Severely Hurt Others

Steal Occult Artefact



Arcane Paraphernalia

Desert Eagle

Mo-Jo Bag

Ouija Board

Tags: heroquest 2.0, midweek character, rpg, supernatural

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