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Midweek Character - Erminda Steadfast

Here is another player character, this one is from one of my old Gloranthan games. Erminda Steadfast was a character I came up with for a scenario I was running at Convulsion 2002.
Playing a character that worships Ernalda, the Earth Goddess, is a fairly hard to play as they are not really good for adventure. They are more capable at the hearth and stead and being sensible about life. Who in their right mind would go out adventuring?
I think I did well with Erminda as she has some important reasons to sort out what is wrong with her own clan and helping the other PCs to sort out the issue.

Erminda Steadfast ready to defend the Hellbreak settlement.  ©  Darran Sims

Erminda Steadfast's Story

“Doubts and mistrust are the mere panic of timid imagination, which the steadfast heart will conquer, and the large mind transcend.”

“The greatest honour history can bestow is that of peacemaker.”

Erminda Steadfast is one of the seven ring members and the Hearthmistress of the Solni Bloodline based at Hellbreak.

Strong and with a meaningful glare she gets things done and persuades and encourages everyone to keep working. However she is respected and revered by her community and she is fiercely protective of it.

Articulate, blunt and forthright she aspires for peace and intransigence.

Erminda fears the Predark but she perseveres bravely due to the espousal of her personal circle.

Erminda has helped and aided many Tarsh Rebels especially at the Battle of Karnge Farm and has gained the Jade-Glow Armring.

100 words



Heortling 13

Hearthmistress 7M

Enferalda Devotee 14M



Blunt 17

Fears the Predark 1M

Fiercely Protective 19

Wants Intransigence 14M



Aspires for Peace 17

Forthright 17

Perseverance 1M

Revered 19

Steadfast 14M




BLOODLINE [Solni] 18

CLAN [Hruling] 13

CHIEF [Eldon] 13

Ernaldan Temple 17

Espousal of her Personal Circle [Followers] 5M

Respected by Community 1M

Tarsh Rebels [Contact] 19

Karnge Farm Veterans 19

Predark [Adversary] 2M




Bear Heavy Burden, Ignore pain, Go Without Sleep, Remain Standing, Survive Battle.


Diminish Injury, Ease Pain, Make Less Tired, Prevent Dying, Remove Hurt.


Boost Confidence, Kiss and Make up, Prevent Anger, Reach Consensus, Sting Pride, Stop Argument.



1H Spear Fighting 18

Articulate 17

Encourage Others 14M

Gets Things Done 16

Give Aid 19

Help Others 17

Keep Working 18
Know Hellbreak Settlement 4M

Meaningful Glare 18

Persuasive 2M

Strong 20


Personal Circle

ENARIN - Erantha Gor Initiate 2M

- Warrior 6M, Big Axe 13.

FALEENA - Nevala Initiate 2M

- Shepherd 6M, Know Area 13.

WEGINA - Mahome Devotee 6M

- Steadwife 2M, Know Darklore 16.

RIBENEA - Enferalda Initiate 2M

- Steadwife 6M, Loud Voice 13.


Special Abilities

Jade-Glow Armring 3M

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