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Midweek Character - Sabra Hillard

So I have realised that I haven't posted up a HeroQuest character for a while so without further ado I post another female character.
This is Sabra Hillard, pilot of The Betty, from Alien: Resurrection film, written by Joss Whedon.
Though the character had a small part in the film she does play a big role in the game. As pilot she controls the ship but also she is heart of the group. When her character is absent the group does seem to be more aggressive and commit more atrocities [part of the fun of the games is committing atrocities of one sort or another].

She also has a good dose of Badass!




Hillard's Story
"Nobody is left behind. Not even you Johner!”

“No, There’s got to be another way”

Sabra Hillard is the Betty's pilot. A feisty, captivating woman, she is also tender and dignified. Flying is in her blood as she was trained as a commercial pilot before enrolling into the Alliance military, piloting every known class of ship. Hillard knows every operating tactic and procedure and how to circumnavigate them as well as out-manoeuvring and escaping any other flyer.

Hillard served with Elgyn but like him she refused to commit the atrocities ordered by the Admiralty command. She cherishes the freedom that being a freelancer brings almost as much as she loves Elgyn; she shares both the perils and the rewards of their current smuggling lifestyle.

109 words.



Former Alliance Pilot 17

Smuggler 15



Refused to Commit Atrocities 15M

Hates Being Confined 12M



Conceited 1M

Dignified 19

Feisty 5M

Impetuous 17

Loyal 8M

Rash 17

Relaxed 17

Superior 17



Alliance Pilots [Contacts] 19

Commercial Pilots [Associates] 19

Alliance Admiralty [Adversary] 19

Battle Unit [Former -Member of] 17

Former Comrades [Friends of] 17

The Betty’s Crew [Loyal to] 19

Black Market [Contacts] 15

Underworld [Contacts] 15

Elgyn Rane [Lover ] 20M



Captivating 19

Cherishes Freedom 19

Circumnavigate Enemy Tactics 1M

Commendable War Service 19

Dirty Fighin’ 12M

Enrolled into Alliance Military 19

Escape Pursuit 5M

Flying is in Her Blood 19

Knows Every Class of Ship 19

Knows Every Operating Tactic 19

Knows Operating Procedures 5M

Know Ship’s Capabilities 5M

Knows Smuggling Lifestyle 19

Out-manoeuvre Other Flyer 19

Persuasive 18M

Pilot Spaceship 15M

Served with Elgyn 15M

Shares the Perils 19

Shares the Rewards 19

Think Quickly 15M



Standard of Living: Common 13

WEAPONS:- Knife, Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, Spare Ammo..

ITEMS:- Ident Card, Fake Permits, Assortment of loot, Pilots Licence, G-suit

Tags: firefly, heroquest 2.0, midweek character, rpg, serenity

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